World War 2
WW2 Header
(clockwise from top left)
Australian soldiers in the Battle of the Outback; German soldiers during the Invasion of Poland; Allied soldiers take cover from Hungarian fire in the English countryside; German victory parade in Berlin after the Treaty of Dublin; Aerial view of the Dreieinigkeit test; Soviet soldiers prepare for a German attack just outside Moscow, days before the Soviet surrender

World War 2


September 1st, 1939-April 6th, 1946
(6 years, 7 months, 5 days)


Europe, Pacific, Atlantic, South-East Asia, North Africa, Horn of Africa, Mediterranean, China, Middle East, and North America


Axis Victory

  • Collapse of the Soviet Union, British Empire, French Third Republic, Republic of China, and other Allied Powers
  • Formation of the Global Fascist Movement
  • Beginning of the Cold Wars
  • Start of German and Japanese dominance in the Eastern Hemisphere

Allied Powers

Axis Powers


United StatesFranklin D. Roosevelt
United KingdomWinston Churchill
Soviet UnionJoseph Stalin
Republic of ChinaChiang Kai-Shek

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945).svgAdolf Hitler
Empire of JapanHirohito
Kingdom of ItalyBenito Mussolini


Joint Navy, Army, Air and Marine forces

Joint Navy, Army, Air and Marine forces


Military Dead:
Over 17,000,000
Civilian Dead:
over 50,000,000
Total Dead:

Military Dead:
Over 9,000,000
Civilian Dead:
over 3,000,000
Total Dead:

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