Welcome to the official wiki for Fermi, a Sci-Fi/Alternate History world where humanity is subjugated by an alien race known as the Helod during the great depression. During this time, humans had been slaughtered en masse by the Helod and earth had much of its resources depleted. Eventually though, humanity overthrew their rulers, and now must reverse engineer Helod technology to escape a dying earth.

Fermi originally started as an Axis victory scenario, but after losing interest and letting the Wiki rot for a few months, I decided to overhaul it into a Sci-Fi world. "the-dark-east" in the URL is the original name for the world, and there's probably a few other things I Can't change

This wiki is written "in-universe" as if by someone living in this alternate timeline. As I am a one man team, this wiki is still very much under construction and help is always appreciated. That being said, since every bit of lore I've created for this world is located here, I've admin protected all pages. If you do wish to help, please leave a message on my wall and we can get in touch.


Please review the following articles to get acquainted with the lore of the world. I'll be adding more in the future, but for know I can give you these pages.