Welcome to the official wiki for The Dark East, an alternative history world where the Axis Powers are victorious and control the Eastern Hemisphere with an iron fist, while the remaining Allied nations in the west struggle to keep the last light of democracy alive.

This wiki is written "in-universe" as if by someone living in this alternate timeline. As I am a one man team, this wiki is still very much under construction and help is always appreciated. That being said, since every bit of lore I've created for this world is located here, I've admin protected all pages. If you do wish to help, please leave a message on my wall and we can get in touch. Also, sometimes Wikia can be a little dumb and the front page won't update. It's probably best to go to a random page so you can see the up to date wiki before having a look around.

One final note, I do not support the nazis and what they did in any way, but since extermination of the "subhumans" was a major part of the nazi ideology, I do detail how they are treated in the Reich. Please do not take offense to this, and again, I don't support those views in any way.

The Dark East

Please review the following articles to get acquainted with the lore of the world. I'll be adding more in the future, but for know I can give you these pages.