The Madrid Deal was an agreement between Germany and Spain, signed on September 21st, 1940, allowing Germany to station its troops in Spain, as well as use Spain's airfields and naval bases. This agreement would lead to the capture of Gibraltar and later Malta by German and Italian forces, respectively.

The deal was later used as a base for Spain's entry into the Axis Powers, adding to the text of the deal that Spain would come to control former French colonies in the Sahara as well as Gibraltar come wars end.

Text after Spanish entrance into the Axis

The following agreements are to come in to effect once Fuhrer Adolf Hitler of the Greater German Reich and Caudilo Francisco Franco of the Spanish State give their signatures in agreement.

The agreements are as follows:

Spain allows Germany to use its airfields and military bases, as well as station its troops at any location throughout Spain and its colonies

In exchange, Spain is granted entry into the Axis Powers, and come the end of the Second World War Spain will receive a portion of French Saharan Colonies as well as the former British territory of Gibraltar



Axis Powers

  • Greater German Reich


  • Spanish State

Second agreement

Axis Powers

  • Kingdom of Italy
  • Kingdom of Bulgaria
  • Kingdom of Romania
  • Kingdom of Hungary
  • Republic of Finland
  • Empire of Japan