The Global Fascost Movement is an international Fascist organization that advocates fascism in the non-fascist states around the world. The Movement was founded in September of 1946 in Rome, when Benito Mussolini, leader of the Kingdom of Italy, proposed the creation of an organization to fund fascist uprisings in Allied nations.

Since its creation the Greater German Reich, arguably the leader of the Axis Powers which the group is comprised of, has slowly decreased funding for the organization, publicly calling it useless.


On September 8th, 1946, during the bi-annual meeting of the Axis Powers in Rome, Benito Mussolini proposed the creation of an organization to fund fascist uprisings in Allied nations, as "a way to destroy the Allies from the inside" as stated by Mussolini himself. Finland, the only democratic member of the Axis, and Spain refused to support the organization. Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, and Italy signed on as members of the organization.

However within the first few months of the organizations existence, doubt started to grow of its success. Hungary and Germany decreased their funding massively, while Bulgaria left the organization entirely., leaving Italy and Romania as the only states really supporting the organization.

Brazilian fascists supported by the organization successfully staged a coup in 1947, briefly boosting support for the cause before the Brazil fell into a civil war. This failure to peacefully force in a fascist organization led to Germany publicly denouncing the organization, calling it "completely useless".

Rebels Funded

Brazil: The Global Fascist Movement successfully funded a fascist coup in Brazil, successfully overthrowing and killing GetĂșlio Vargas. However, 3 months later democratic rebels rose up in the north, starting the Brazilian Civil War. The Allies quickly began supporting the Northern Rebels, while Italy and Romania sent supplies to the south.