Empire of Japan
Empire of Japan
Flag of the Japanese Empire
Full Name Dai Nippon Teikoku

(Empire of Japan or Greater Japanese Empire)

Common Name Japan
Motto "Hakko Ichiu"
("The World Under One Roof")
Anthem Kimigayo
("His Imperial Majesty's Reign")
Official Languages Japanese
Capital Tokyo
Government Structure One-party totalitarian
military dictatorship
under the Emperor
Head of State Hirohito
Currency Japanese Yen
Established 1868
Population 150,000,000

Japan, officially the Dai Nippon Teikoku (English: Greater Japanese Empire) is a country in Asia, stretching from Northern Siberia to South-East Asia. Japan is bordered by the United States of Indonesia, India, the Empire of Qinghai, and the Siberian Union. India, Indonesia, and Qinghai are also controlled by Japan as puppet states

Japan is a military-dictatorship under the rule of Emperor Hirohito. Japan is currently the largest and one of the most powerful nations in the world. This, however, has led to a power struggle in the eastern hemisphere between Japan and Germany. After the 1948 Iranian Crisis, Japan ceased all foreign relations with the Axis powers, instead seeking closer relations with the Allies, who Japan fought against in the Second World War. Because of this, the chances of Japan being able to ever work with the Allies is seen as slim.

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